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It’s important to take prompt action when you have been issued a traffic citation.  Remember that by mailing in a payment for the traffic violation you are admitting guilt and a conviction will be entered into your driving record.  We will work hard to minimize possible consequences and provide the best possible representation. 

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Passing a Stopped School Bus

Serious Moving Violation Requiring License Suspension

If you receive a ticket alleging a violation of 625 ILCS 5/11-1414, you have received a moving violation citation alleging that you illegally passed a stopped school bus.  This is a very serious allegation.  If you plead guilty or you are found guilty, your driver's license WILL BE suspended for 3 months.  If you are found guilty of this same violation any time in the 5 years following the first conviction, your driver's license will be suspended for an entire year. Fines for the first violation have a mandatory minimum of $150 (excluding court costs). A second conviction incurs a minimum fine of $500 (excluding court costs). 

Conviction for passing a stopped school bus has serious ramifications.
The Illinois Vehicle code dealing with approcahing, overtaking, and passing a school bus (625 ILCS 5/11-1414) requires the "driver of a vehicle shall stop such vehicle before meeting or overtaking, from either direction, any school bus stopped at any location for the purpose of receiving or discharging pupils. Such stop is required before reaching the school bus when there is in operation on the school bus the visual signals..." of an extended stop sign and flashing red lights. Flashing amber lights indicate that the bus is within 100 feet of its stop. A very limited exception occurs if the school bus is on a road with 4 or more lanes (at least 2 lanes of traffic in the opposite direction of the bus, a driver traveling in the opposite direction of the school bus is not required to stop. If the dirver is traveling in the same direction off the school bus, the driver is still required to stop behind the bus and wait until the "bus stop sign" is retracted. 


Automated Traffic Law Enforcement Cameras

State law was amended in 2014 (Senate Bill 923) to include the use of an automated traffic law enforcement camera installed on school buses. This automated system will record images of vehicles that overtake or pass the school bus while it is loading or unloading passengers "provided the school bus has the visual signals required by law including extendable stop signs and flashing lights." 

The 2014 Amendment to this Illinois Vehicle Code section provides:
  • Cities & counties can enter into contracts with vendors to provide this automated service
  • Violations recorded must be reviewed by certified personnel 
  • For administrative adjucation of violations and establishes notice requirements

A traffic ticket for imporperly passing a stopped school bus is extremely serious. A conviction results in an automatic suspension of your Driver's license and a fine. Once a conviction for improperly passing a stopped school bus is made, the clerk of the court to the Office of the Illinois Secreatory of State receives the report and the "Notice of Suspension" is mailed to you. 

Retain an Experienced Traffic Court Attorney

Because of the harsh consequences triggered by a conviction, judges will often advise defendants to seek legal counsel. Appearing in Illinois traffic courts throughout Cook, Kane, Will and DuPage counties, Tim Henderson brings vast expereince in representing clients who have been ticketed for passing a stopped school bus. Tim understands the severity of potential punishments that can be imposed if a conviction is received for this type of traffic ticket. He can work with you in achieving the best possible result when dealing with this serious charge.