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It’s important to take prompt action when you have been issued a traffic citation.  Remember that by mailing in a payment for the traffic violation you are admitting guilt and a conviction will be entered into your driving record.  We will work hard to minimize possible consequences and provide the best possible representation. 

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Illinois Construction Zone Speeding Ticket

Chicago Area Speeding Ticket Attorney - Joliet Construction Zone Speeding

A construction zone speeding ticket is a very serious offense in Illinois. Signs must be posted to indicate the reduced speed required but, in Illinois, it is not necessary for workers to be present.  You can receive a ticket inIllinois Construction Zone Speeding Ticket Attorney can help protect your driving privileges a posted area even if there are no workers present. It also is not necessary for Illinois State Police to be present.  Illinois has passed a law that allows the use of automated traffic control systems.  Posted signs indicating that these automated systems are in use must be clearly visible.

A ticket citing 625 ILCS 5/11-605.1 of the Illinois Vehicle Code is charging the driver with the moving violation of speeding in a construction, maintenance or work zone.  The 2014 change in this section creates separate offense categories for exceeding the speed limit in a construction or maintenance zone when workers are present and exceeding the speed limit in a construction or maintenance zone when workers are not present. If convicted of either charge, first time offenders pay a minimum of $250 + court costs and can have up to 20 points added to the license history.  A second conviction of this charge carries a minimum fine of $1,000.  If this second offense occurs within 2 years of the first conviction both convictions occurred when workers were present, the Secretary of State will suspend your license for a period of 90 days.

In Illinois the State Police are permitted to operate "automated traffic control systems".  These "automated systems" make use of radar, laser speed guns and high speed cameras.  It is not necessary for Illinois State Police Personnel to be present BUT signs indicating that automated traffic control systems are being used must be clearly posted.  These automated speed enforcement violations carry the same penalties as construction zone speed violations charged by Illinois State personnel.

It is important to remember that being charged with an offense is not the same as being guilty of that offense.  A construction zone speeding ticket is an allegation of an offense. Until you plead guilty or are found guilty in court, you are assumed to be innocent.  You deserve to have the best possible representation in traffic court  and experienced construction zone speeding attorney Tim Henderson will help you achieve the best possible results.  

With legal representation in traffic court, it may be possible to have your ticket dismissed or the charges reduced.  Working to achieve the best possible outcome is always the goal at the Law Office of Tim Henderson.