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Illinois Distracted Driving - Illegal Use of Handheld Cell Phone Attorney

Handheld Cell Phone Use is a Primary Offense in Illinois

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents.   While anything that takes the driver's attention away from the road can contribute to a traffic accident, the increased use of hand held cell phones used for talking, texting, emailing and web surfing is being held responsible for a large number of distracted driving accidents.  

Illinois Cell Phone Violation Attorney - Illinois Distracted Driving Laws

Specific distracted driving laws in Illinois include:
•    Cell phones may not be used in school speed zones or in highway construction zones
•    All drivers in Illinois are prohibited from using handheld devices while driving
•    Novice drivers (anyone 18 or younger) may not use hand held or hands free cell phones while driving
•    Bus drivers may not use hand held or hands free cell phones while driving
•    All drivers are prohibited from texting and other related activities (e.g. emailing, internet use...)
•    At least 70 municipalities in Illinois have their own handheld cell phone laws (e.g. Highland Park, Winnetka, Evanston, Deerfield...)

Fines for first offenses are $75 with increases for subsequent violations. Driving without a hands-free device is considered a primary offense - police can pull over a driver and ticket them if they observe handheld cell phone use. Even using hands-free technology is considered a distraction while driving and can be dangerous.
The Illinois Secretary of State considers even hands-free technology a distraction while driving.  If you must make a phone call, even if you have hands-free technology, it is recommended that you pull off to the side of the road before making the call.

Increased Charges for Illinois Distracted Drivers

Illinois Cell Phone Violation Attorney can help protect your Illinois driving privileges.Drivers who are involved in a crash resulting in injury to another due to use of handheld cell phones or texting would face criminal charges - a Class A Misdemeanor and fines up to $2,500 with the possibility of jail time. Drivers involved in fatal accidents could be charged with a Class 4 felony, which carries fines up to $25,000 and up to three years of jail time.  
Illinois Distracted Driving Attorney - Illinois Traffic Law Attorney
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