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It’s important to take prompt action when you have been issued a traffic citation.  Remember that by mailing in a payment for the traffic violation you are admitting guilt and a conviction will be entered into your driving record.  We will work hard to minimize possible consequences and provide the best possible representation. 

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Improper Lane Usage Chicago Illinois Attorney - Cook County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Experienced Improper Lane Usage Attorney can help you In Illinois the law of improper lane usage states that a person must drive his vehicle within one lane as nearly as practicable.  The specific statute in the Illinois Vehicle Code (IVC) 625ILCS 5/11-709 states:

    A vehicle shall be driven as nearly as practicable entirely within a single lane and shall not be moved from such lane until the driver has first ascertained that such movement can be made with safety.

The above section of the statute is the one usually cited although the statute does include sections discussing the use of the center lane in a 3 lane highway and the need to obey official traffic control devices that direct the use of specific lanes or prohibit the use of certain lanes on a highway.

Improper Lane Usage Penalties

An improper traffic lane usage ticket is considered a petty offense in Illinois with fines up to $1000 and possible Court Supervision for up to 24 months. Traffic attorney Tim Henderson has years of experience dealing with all types of traffic tickets including improper lane usage tickets, DUI's, and reckless driving.  He knows what it takes to preserve your driving privileges, minimize points assigned to your Illinois license and achieve the best possible result for you in the court.  He has represented clients throughout the Chicago land area, Cook County, Will County, Kane County and DuPage County.  

Improper Lane Usage Violation and DUI Charge

Improper lane usage is most often cited when an officer suspects that there may be alcohol (DUI) involved.  Your vehicle may actually be followed for a certain distance while the officer watches to see if the vehicle's tires cross the middle or outside line on the road.  An officer needs to see this infraction only once to have grounds for the traffic stop.  A DUI and improper lane usage are two separate charges.  Often the "improper lane usage" is based on a police officer's opinion.  The law does not require a driver to always stay in the same lane but that the vehicle should remain in its lane "as nearly as practicable." Often the squad car video will show no violation and the entire stop is voided.

Improper Lane Usage Conviction Consequences

 It can also be cited in the case of an accident.  Many police departments feel that if an accident has occurred one of the parties must be at fault. The police officer's opinion about legal lane usage is largely a subjective one and this makes a legal challenge viable.

An improper traffic lane usage conviction, particularly one directly connected with an accident, can have very serious implications for your license,  your insurance premiums, and your personal finances.
Never mail in a ticket and plead guilty to the offense of improper lane usage.  By pleading guilty you are agreeing to points on your license, a moving violation on your license record, and possible insurance premium.

Experienced Improper Lane Usage Attorney

If you are ticketed for improper lane usage, Tim Henderson will work for you to achieve the best possible resolution.  Serving clients throughout the Chicago land area as well as Skokie, Joliet, Wheaton, Maywood and Rolling Meadows areas, he takes improper lane usage charges very seriously.  Helping his clients keep their driving privileges and license is a priority as he works to lessen the consequences of the charges.