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It’s important to take prompt action when you have been issued a traffic citation.  Remember that by mailing in a payment for the traffic violation you are admitting guilt and a conviction will be entered into your driving record.  We will work hard to minimize possible consequences and provide the best possible representation. 

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Following too Closely Ticket - Illinois Moving Violation Attorney

"Following too closely" is a moving violation and conviction of this moving violation will result in points on your license, possible license suspension (depending on your driving record), fines and a possible increase in Let an experienced Chicago area attorney help in your "following too closely" defense.insurance premiums.  Additionally, if there was a personal injury claim that resulted from the accident, a traffic court conviction could have an important impact on the civil claim.

Before deciding to plead guilty consult an experienced Traffic Attorney who can help you choose the best resolution option.  Attorney Tim Henderson has experience handling this type of case and will help you find the best possible solution.  He has handled traffic cases  in Chicago, Skokie, Wheaton, Rolling Meadows, Joliet .  He is very familiar with the traffic courts throughout Cook, Will, Kane and DuPage Counties.  Contact him for a free consultation at 630.708.0873.

According to the Illinois Vehicle Code: The driver of a motor vehicle shall not follow another vehicle more closely than is reasonable and prudent, having due regard for the speed of such vehicles and the traffic upon and the condition of the highway.  This section of the Illinois Vehicle code is often cited when one car "rear ends" another and an accident occurs.  This moving violation in Illinois is considered a petty offense.

The monetary cost of the "following too closely" citation, as with all tickets in Illinois, varies according to which county issued the violation citation because there is not only the standard fee for the violation but also a surcharge for court costs.

Following Too Closely - CDL Disqualification

This type of violation is even more serious for Illinois Commercial Drivers holding an Illinois CDL.  If an Illinois commercial driver receives a conviction for "following too closely" he is disqualified from using his CDL (See CDL Traffic Violations) and places his livelihood at risk.

Experienced Traffic Attorney

When a citation threatens your driving privileges, driving record and carries possible civil claim, you want the best possible representation.  Traffic Attorney Tim Henderson has the experience and dedication you want to fight for you. Contact him today for a free consultation. (630)708-0873