Used 4 canned anchovies mashed instead of paste. :o). It is exquisite. Compares to Flemings Caesar dressing…just add pan seared prosciutto and done! The only changes I made were: kraft mayo, and 1 extra tsp of everything except lemon, mayo and cheese. This keto-friendly Caesar Dressing recipe is creamy, filled with parmesan, and tangy. This salad dressing is the best! It has enough garlic to satisfy any garlic-lover, but not so much that it overpowers the other flavours. If you make it thick and spicy enough, you just need a little. I have always eaten Ceasar salad in restaurants and really wanted to try the dressing at home. Made this and it was very tasty! I love this recipe. I make my mayonnaise & continue on to make this dressing. This was so good and so easy!! You could stick with the croutons you’re using, but just remove them from the oven a bit earlier so they don’t get quite as crunchy. If that’s your jam, then go for it. kind regards jo. It’s the Gold Standard when it comes to Caesar dressing. Seems like doubling EVERYTHING might be a bit much. But never liked the idea of raw eggs in my dressing, so your recipe rocks! you’ve saved me, us! I like very much the ingredents in this Ceasar dressing – never knew it contained Mayonnaise (love Hellman’s) or anchovies – Buying fresh ingredents tomorrow and definantly gonna try this!! Awesome Awesome recipe! And I don’t have any great tips for squeezing the paste out of the tube other than just starting at the bottom (kind of like a tube of toothpaste and as it gets low, using the counter edge to push the contents toward the opening.) It can hardly be too garlicky, can it?!? I can’t wait to try it with the two missing ingredients included. Was introduced to them with your Asian salmon. Caesar Dressing (kind of like Ranch Dressing) is hard to nail at home. Exactly what I was looking for in a Caesar Dressing! Have also spread on grilled chicken. 3. Thanks . Thank you!!!! Can't say that I was thrilled with this. This is one my go tos that make exactly as written. This is a great recipe! This is amazingly delicious. Creamy, garlicky…so good. I've been preparing this dressing for family and friends for many years; it's always a favorite! I also add extra lemon juice. I’ve never made Caesar dressing before and this version is foolproof. I’ve made this a bunch of times now and it’s become a family favorite. And the simplicity of making it. My daughter loves this dressing (I have not told her it contains anchovies) and requested this the second time. This was absolutely delicious! Love, love this recipe so much I’m making it for family and friends to use. Thank you! Just finishing up the chicken for chicken ceasar wraps tonight- cheers!! Hope you enjoy! Did I mention that it’s super easy? Delicious! Super creamy and a lot of flavor. Definitely use fresh Parmesan, it makes a huge difference. Do not omit anchovies of the recipe, because of family members being scared of fish or whatever. No other Cesar dressing compares! Love it is so rich. I usually make a double batch just as it is. Cheers! I do double the lemon juice-really brings that flavor to life! I follow the recipe exactly. It is fabulous and as you suggested less lemon juice used. This is a really good recipe!!! Hi when it says a cup of, what size cup are you using? Put the anchovies in a mortar and pesto to mash them completely. Hope you enjoy! I just made this but didn’t have anchovies and I’m literally licking the bowl I made it in!! It’s delicious!! This dressing is incredible! Thanks for the wonderful recipe. I can only imagine what the original tastes like. We don’t use any bottled dressings anymore. Love this dressing. I want to make this tonight with dinner but I have just about every other mustard other than Dijon. And thank goodness. Brought home a Caesar salad but forgot the dressing from my work. And how many heads of Romaine do I need as a side for 50 people? Just the right blend of ingredients. This is the most amazing recipe I have made. The grapeseed version is the only version of Veganaisse that I can tolerate, BUT, I am not a vegan. Thanks so much for a new standard in my kitchen. For the most predictable results, I would suggest looking for a more traditional Caesar recipe. Thank you! No reason to ever try another! Never going back. , This is the best Caesar salad dressing ever. I made this recipe for the first time today. Thanks for sharing. Love this, love this site! So yum and so easy! There’s a sticker on the box of my anchovy paste that says “keep refrigerated”. I made it exactly as written and my daughter, granddaughter, and I LOVED this recipe….AS IS. This is the best no-egg ceasar dressing recipe I’ve ever found. Until now, she didn’t believe raw lettuce could be safe, much less delicious, to eat. Would the dressing taste very different if it is replaced with a basic recipe of homemade mayo ? , Hi Sarah, I think you could get away with that but would suggest reducing the lemon juice a bit because sour cream will add some tartness to the dressing. And now it has become one of my most requested dishes to bring. This was delicious! I WILL BE MAKING THIS FROM NOW ON. Nom. Was delicious. I’m reluctant to say exactly how long the dressing will keep b/c I’m not a food safety expert but I usually keep mine around for 4-5 days. You bet! I made it and found it to be super thick! It’s as good as the fancy restaurant we go to on anniversaries! Submitted by foodtastic Updated: September 24, 2015. After years of making egg and olive oil Caesar, my wife happened to ask for a creamier dressing. This dressing was easy to make and DELICIOUS! A lot of Ceasar dressing in bottles is loaded with sugar. This month, our contribution to the luncheon was Caesar Salad. I’ve been asked for the recipe every time I serve it. Delicious dressing! I add olive oil to thin it and a little hot sauce for some zip! I loved the tang from the lemon juice, but there again I might start with 1 tbs first, then add more to your liking. Does not affect the taste at all. Pasteurized eggs still have the consistency of raw eggs but they are safe to eat. Saw this recipe and knowing where it came from had to give it a try. I just made your “homemade caesar salad dressing”, and I am just amazed at how wonderful this tastes. I made this dressing for the first time and it is very thick. . Thank you Jenn for a fabulous recipe! Can’t thank you enough for all the meals you have served at our table. My family’s favourite Caesar salad dressing. I am keeping some of this in the fridge moving forward. Thank you. Going to try your Caesar salad dressing, I want to add chicken and pasta noodles(spirals) as well for a picnic, kind of make it more like an entre, any tips on that idea? I made it for my in-law’s surprise anniversary party and I ended up emailing the recipe to every woman who was there. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I’m interested in using this recipe for a lunch gathering as a main course with grilled chicken. Thank you, Jennifer! I’d probably just increase the Dijon and Parmesan a bit to add flavor. My husband and I couldn’t stop eating salad and he doesn’t like salad. I also used light mayo. I looked around and my Google-fu led me to this place. its soo good. People need to rate a recipe for what it is. The BEST caesar salad dressing recipe online. Still yummy, especially topped with more freshly grated cheese and pepper. This is the best Caesar salad dressing I have ever tasted in my life! I made this without the anchovy paste, and used Veganaise (I can’t have eggs) instead of mayo. I caught one dipping fries in the leftover jar. I am an old time cook and have used and enjoyed many of your recipes. In terms of the croutons, for 10 salads, I would suggest either buying a bag of croutons or you could double this recipe for homemade croutons. I’ve been using this recipe for years! We loved it. There must be something wrong with your taste buds fella. Thank you for that info. I keep coming back to this dressing!! I always share them with family and friends! The best Caesar salad dressing ever!! Literally… my family knows – when I say, oh I got this recipe from my girl… they know who I’m talking about. I have also shared it with many others. I double the recipe and put half in a different container without the parmesan. Yeesh. My stomach is not tolerant of fresh garlic so I had to omit but it was really good anyway. I took it to a party and everyone went crazy over it. I tested this recipe in advance for a party I am having this weekend. 129 calories; protein 3.3g 7% DV; carbohydrates 4.9g 2% DV; fat 10.9g 17% DV; cholesterol 3.2mg 1% DV; sodium 166.4mg 7% DV. Hi Jennifer, I’m new to your site, love your Caesar Dressing, made on the weekend, today I’m making your Stew its cooking now and smells great, next I’m trying your Granola. So easy and delicious. Those were the only changes I made. Not a big fan of ranch. Not sure if that was enough or should I have used more to achieve the amount of paste called for in the recipe? ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. My college aged son LOVES it and wants the recipe! And I’m guessing you would need to multiply the dressing recipe by 5. Caesar salad is her favorite and if this turns out as outstanding as you and everyone else claims it to be, I’ll be back to write a review also. Omg. You may also need to cut back on the lemon juice as the yogurt will add more tang to the dressing. Delicious! Don’t worry, you don’t have to go face to face with anchovy chunks. Made the salad with Romain lettuce, fresh grilled chicken, avocado, fresh croutons, boiled eggs, Parmezan and this dressing. My friend requested I make a salad for this special celebration. It turned out great, and is our favorite recipe for Caesar salad dressing now! This dressing is awesome! Excellent! Delicious!!! Making a special dinner for my husbands birthday and this is part of the menu. So fast, easy, creamy and delicious! Dreaming of another batch…thank you! I make this all the time. So good! Thank you for this deliciousness! As you might guess, I am a fan of strong flavors! It did taste strong at first but when it goes on the romaine it is delicious ! Made this for diner to be paired with Salmon Croquette. This is life changing! I loved the recipe! I had to substitute white vinegar for lemon juice and have never bought anchovies, but it was still great. EVEN BETTER!! A rich, tart and creamy version of Caesar, which clings perfectly to lettuce and uses Romano cheese for a slightly different flavor profile. BEST EVER! We make it often. One thing- please take the salt off the recipe. How many times do you recommend multiplying this recipe to ensure enough dressing for 14 salads? Delicious . This is the best dressing ever! It just didn’t taste like a caesar dressing to me. Very good Caesar dressing recipe. This recipe is excellent, my guests said to never buy store bought ever again. It was better than any Caesar salad we ever got in a restaurant! This is a standard in our house. Relatively simple recipe for an excellent Caesar. I didn’t change a thing when I made it. For a main course Caesar, try pairing this with my Grilled Chicken with Lemon, Garlic & Herbs. Thank you Jenn for your fabulous recipes! I feel so empowered to have a perfect recipe for one of my favorite salads. you can also get Helman’s light mayo at the 99 cent store! Only in the Midwest would a dressing like this be anything other then a joke. Amazing – even the fussiest eater said it was his favorite salad ever! I must say there isn’t one recipe that isn’t yummy and I’m not a cook! But I can’t get to the store so I thought I’d give it a try! Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your recipe! (It’s also available at most local bookstores.) Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. The dressing tastes so fresh and it is easy to make. Simple and easy to make. Hi Kim, If you want to use Greek yogurt, I’d suggest replacing only half of the mayo with it. The cup of mayo in the recipe is a dry measuring cup we use in the US. Cholesterol 5mg 2%. Anytime i make it for guests they ask for recipe. Hi Wendy, Glad you like it! Thank you!!!!! Outstanding! This recipe will be in my repertoire from here on out! I made this today. I love that this recipe uses mayonnaise. Thanks for a simple delicious dressing. What would you use to replace the anchovy paste for vegetarians? I just chopped it up with my PC food chopper and no smell. Hi Megan, Sorry, I am not able to provide nutritional info for my recipes at this time. I think the answer is YES! Not this one, though! We added a tsp. My youngest daughter, who loves caesar salad, proclaimed that it “tastes just like it’s from a restaurant” and brought some to school to let her friend taste it because she was so happy with it. We all know tuna is a fish. Hi Elizabeth, Absolutely, that will work just fine . This salad dressing is absolutely delicious. thanks! Delicious! I found this recipe and man am I so glad I did! I’m frequently asked to bring it to parties. Don’t really care that much for fish, let alone something like anchovies, but the anchovies, (I use paste), and the real Parm. Thank you. Especially without having raw egg. Rich, traditional ceasar dressing, Use this all the time, except, I put 5-10 garlic cloves in. I added a tablespoon of water to thin and it was perfect. With the mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce and anchovies there is absolutely no need for extra salt. This has become a staple recipe in our home. Throw in some grilled chicken breast and homemade croutons to bring it all together!! There’s plenty of salt already in most of the ingredients and I’m surprised I’m the only one who feels this way. Made this recipe numerous times, exactly as the recipe calls for. Just pulse to blend and scrape down side as needed. Every recipe I tried left me slightly disappointed. And just made a another bottle of your zesty Italian. It is amazing and so easy. I love this. Next time you could reduce the lemon juice just a touch. Best caesar recipe I’ve made! I made it using half Greek yogurt and half Mayo this time around and it’s delicious too! Tonight I tried half mayo, half Greek plain yoghurt…just to make it a little healthier. I made the Caesar dressing last night and it was perfect. Otherwise followed recipe exactly. Is there a secret to it? Orders under $250 (before tax) will be charged a $25 delivery surcharge. Because I was out of anchovy paste and had only tins of anchovies (didn't want to pop a tin for 2 anchovies) I worried about insufficient umami flavor. I love this recipe! My boyfriend and I make some and eat this with our salad almost every day …. The first time I followed the recipe exactly, except I used a low-fat olive oil mayonnaise (Kraft). Recipes often come out either more like a vinaigrette, not parmesan-y enough or just bland. Easy and delicious. It can be a bit thick and I sometimes add a spurt of half & half, cream or whole milk to thin it a bit. Can you add anchovies to dressing? I didn’t realize it could work so well with mayonnaise. Could you tell me how I can make the recipe using real anchovies instead of anchovy paste? I read many of these reviews before I made this dressing. Can you use olive oil as a sub for mayo? I make your grilled chicken with lemon zest to go along with this!! Mine was a wide spread outbreak and they eventually identified the culprit–alfalfa sprouts. Hope that clarifies! I think between the anchovy paste, Worcestershire sauce and parm it was plenty salty without adding more. This Caesar dressing is so popular in my family that I have to triple the recipe to make it last a couple days. Trust me – you will LOVE it! Two things, any recipe that says ” hold your nose and put it in” speaking of anchovy paste, has no place in the culinary road. Thank you for making me look good! Really glad that among the recipes online, I followed yours. Caesar is the gateway salad. I love this dressing & make it all the time, but mine seems much thicker than yours. Thanks for sharing!! Thank you for sharing it. Everyone loves this dressing and I make sure we’re never without it in the fridge! Well clearly you changed all that for me with this recipe which I followed exactly but had to add more garlic because I love garlic anyhoo it came out Delish!!! I just had some of mine with Jenn’s lovely Caesar. Hi Devi, 1-1/3 cups is enough for 10 medium salads (about 2 cups of romaine per serving). It is that good. My husband and I love it as well. Hi Lauren, I’ve never used anything but Dijon mustard, but I suspect you could probably get away with brown. If using real anchovies instead of the paste, how many fillets? Since the anchovy, cheese, and mayo each tend to be naturally salty, I omitted the salt. We will use the remainder tonight for our Memorial Day event, but I will add a bit of EVOO to thin a tad. Excellent recipe! Predominant taste and not enough anchovy paste. Oh yes, I love this recipe. Thanks for the heads up, my concern is she said it doesn’t use raw eggs so you don’t have to worry, really? Hope you enjoy! Big flavor, and easy to whip up. best caesar salad dressing I have ever tasted. The recipe wasn't authentic tasting at all. Made this recipe instead and was great ! Now I know! Every time I serve it, I get recipe requests. I am planning on making your Caesar Salad dressing. Did I do anything wrong? I want to put it on everything! Of course, it depends on the size of head of lettuce but this should give you a general idea. Next year I’m going to also try some of your cookie recipes! So glad the dressing was a hit. Amazing, I make my own vinaigrette dressing, so I told myself “why not try the ceasar salad dressing? Later I will try other recipes. Hope that helps! Hi Cheryl, Thanks so much for your comment. Hi Yolanda, The only ingredients in the salad are romaine lettuce and croutons. It is one of those dishes that you crave and look forward to having again. Check out our wide selection of third-party gift cards. , I’ve never written a recipe review before but HAD TO for this one!!! It tasted far too much like mayo for me which is not how a Caesar dressing should taste. Wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you for sharing it. How would some buttermilk taste in it to thin it down?? YUM! I thought I had the corner on the best caesar dressing BUT this is spectacular and easy to adjust to taste. That would be an authentic Caesar Salad dressing and healthier to boot! I used everything I already had on hand so I had to skip the anchovy paste and Worcestershire sauce and substituted light mayo for regular. What a wonderful satisfying flavor! So easy! I have been using your receipe for Caesar Salad Dressing for the past year. Best homemade dressing I ever had! Melissa, thank you for sharing your update on how to create this with an immersion blender and avocado oil. I’ll never buy the bottled stuff anymore! Washed, rinsed, dried and shredded the romaine.. Then added the dressing and good shave parm. But I know of no good substitute for anchovy paste. I don’t have to look for either now. If you like the taste of mayo in your dressing then proceed on! 5 stars,,( should be 10) this recipe is fabulous,,in Mexico no anchovy paste, I used a can and it was not fishy…I had been making our old recipe for years ..Yours is better, tastier and faster ! The perfect ratio between the spiciness of the anchovy paste and the dijon. It’s a fabulous dressing on other dishes as well (my grandson loves it on poached eggs). You could certainly experiment with keeping it a bit longer though. I followed the ingredients exactly, only using the flat anchovies in the tin rather than the paste in the tube. I use the 1cup of mayo…not adding more. Thinned it with more lemon juice and white wine vinegar, so it isn’t a true version of recipe, but still very good. This is the most awesome cesar salad dressing ever! Thanks very much. Used already so many times. LOVED this dressing!! It was perfect for a warm evening. My family is in full tilt with salad eating now that the warm weather is here. I hate mixing those two together because sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. Hi Sheila, Sure, it’s fine to add anchovies. Will be my go to ceaser from now on, may add a little less anchovy paste next time and a touch more Worcestershire. Made your Caesar dressing recipe tonight! I’m so happy everyone enjoyed it, especially your mom . Every time I make it, I am asked to share the recipe. Will always use this recipe in future. So, thank you, Jenn, for this. Hi Jenn I made this yesterday and will never again buy ready made caesar dressing – even though I always used to buy fresh! Best one I’ve made at home and one of the best I’ve had ever. And like others, no more bottled Caesar dressing for me. Ok, This is one great dressing! Thank you for posting this recipe. Was thinking you might like this sandwich: We re-created from restaurant in Napa – well Yountville, called: R&D Kitchen. Hi Sarah, Feel free to thin it out with some water; just go easy and add a little at a time until you get to the consistency you want. I just made this dressing for the very first time tonight, and boy, was it good. Followed the recipe exactly but added a tablespoon of lemon juice and and 2 eggs instead of egg beaters.It was fantastic!!!! Besides the garlic breath, the raw garlic leaves you a bit gassy. That is why it’s rude. I found this on google when i ran out of bottled dressing…i skipped the paste because i didnt have it on hand, added half cup of real bacon bits and we have an instant hit!! This Caesar dressing is my go-to, and it's damn good. The only way to make this better is homemade mayo or gambling and using raw egg. I couldn’t get over how tasty it was and my husband was so impressed. This may be my new favorite salad dressing! You probably just didn’t know they were in there. Next time I will cut the mayo in half and add the full amount of the rest of the ingredients. It was so full of flavor, a little on the thicker side but I think if I had all the ingredients it would have been the perfect consistency. I also couldn’t find Anchovy Paste, so just used 1 whole real Anchovy. I microplaned the garlic and it blended nicely. My Fiance and I love caesar dressing and we are so pumped to have discovered this recipe!! Thanks! This recipe is wonderful. I used two flat anchovies in place of the paste, and it was perfect. So easy to put together. What a fantastic recipe. Added grilled chicken and was a complete satisfying meal. Vanita I, I definitely like Romaine for my Caesar salads. This dressing was by far the most amazing caesar dressing I have ever had! Which is the best method to thin it? This is the first caesar salad I ever made… It was fantastic. Creamy and rich with just the right balance of flavors. We had it with Jenn’s cedar plank salmon and some fried potatoes. I cut the recipe in half and I mashed the garlic clove up with my mortar and pestle with kosher salt. I’ve made this recipe several times. I bought some Kraft Caesar dressing to make Chicken Caesar wraps for my finicky son. I’m eating this right now and I must say its very good. I’ve tried a lot of recipes for Caesar Dressing but this is the LAST one! Rate the recipe: 5 stars means you loved it, 1 star means you really disliked it. Or any other recipe for that matter. Everyone that has tasted it has asked me for the recipe. Printed it twice so I can make it again and again at home and at the trailer. I whisked in a lil extra virgin olive oil at end to thin the dressing out a lil bit but that’s just my liking. Thank you for sharing this! So I made this recipe without the anchovy paste, used fresh lime juice instead of lemon, liquid aminos instead of Worcestershire sauce and honey mustard instead of dijon and used parmesan cheese. It’s SO good. We go through jars of this stuff on the regular. I made this two nights ago. I usually buy caesar dressing and am keen to make my own. My girlfriend said this is the best she ever had. Quick, simple and delicious! You could use a little water, milk, or olive oil to thin it a bit – just add a little at a time. I’ve never prepared something for that many people. My only change is that I make my own mayonnaise for the recipe, which I do with an immersion blender and avocado oil. A bed of crispy romaine lettuce is topped with a creamy homemade Caesar dressing, toasted garlic bread croutons, shaved Parmesan cheese and tender, juicy chicken. Left the anchovies out and it was still full of flavor. So, THANK YOU! She kept asking whats the special occasion? Followed the recipe exactly as stated (which I never do) and it was perfect. I can quickly serve up a tasty salad that I too can eat. Thank you! The only thing I have done is throw a few more anchovies in if I have some lying around. Spectacular! I often use it to bring to pot lucks and always bring home an empty bowl. Wow! So good! Excellent Caesar salad dressing from scratch! I made the huge mistake of putting everything together and using a mixer, just because of the whole garlic, and it did curdle and the oils are sitting on top and I need to stir a lot before using. Kudos to the chef for this oh, so simple but delicious recipe. OMG… I made this yesterday and it was probably the best salad I have ever tasted. Hi Brittany, I usually just eyeball it but I’m guessing 3 to 4 tablespoons per serving (which is about 2 cups of chopped romaine). I put everything in the food processor and it came out great. Not this time! I like this version because it’s a bit different with on oil, but I will consider coming up with one that does use oil. — Gail in Oro Valley, AZ on November 4, 2020, — Jacqueline in Chicago Burbs on May 21, 2020, — Real Caesar Dressing Lover on February 6, 2020, — Kevin Shaughnessy Thompson on June 21, 2020, — Maureen H. Bradenton, FL on October 5, 2019, — Christine Maciejewski on September 1, 2019. Yum!! Why even bother writing that?! Coming from a world traveler-vegetarian wow! Hi Amy, due to the mayo in this, I don’t think it will freeze well- sorry! I’m so happy that I stumbled on your site a while ago. My whole family loved it… Including my 2 year old! It was a bit thick for my preference but that’s probably because I hate to measure. Always have the ingredients on hand – SO MUCH BETTER than store bought! I pre-ordered your cookbook and can hardly wait! You can thin it out with a bit of olive oil and a touch more lemon juice. How can I thin it out without affecting the flavor? Kundenrezensionen. Comes together in literally two minutes. Don’t use anchovy paste. Just wish I knew how long it keeps in fridge? It was very easy and tasted very good. Really nice, did not have Parmigiano-Reggiano, as have not heard of it. Really, really good. That’s been the case with Caesar Dressing…we haven’t had it in many, many months. I am serving this Caesar salad and Once Upon a Chef’s grilled chicken to guests tomorrow night! I once had only half the needed amount of lemon juice so I substituted the other half with red wine vinegar and it still turned out great. Went vegan and thought you'd never have a tasty Caesar dressing again? It was fast, easy and delicious. I then tried a few homemade recipes that were good, but not good enough. Outstanding Caesar dressing has to be creamy, savory, garlicky, full of parmesan, and infused with anchovies. Delicious !!! Hope you enjoy! My husband is so amazed that I finally found a delicious homemade caesar salad dressing. I’ve tried lots of Caesar salad dressings and this one is very tasty. Great recipe and thank you. And yes a little extra lemon and a dash of olive oil thins it out perfectly. I actually think it tastes better than dressings I’ve had at restaurants. Best recipe ever! My son who I can never get to eat his salad goes back for seconds and even thirds on this one. Worst Caesar ever. Amazing dressing. May want to taste-test the salt you add, though, as fish sauce is super salty. I voted to make the grilled chicken caesar salad for a big family birthday party tomorrow, I’ve NEVER made homemade Caesar dressing before but after seeing the 5 ⭐️ rating and reading reviews I figured I’d give it a try. Oil and egg equal mayonaise. How long will this dressing last in the fridge? Thanks! What a great recipe, thank you for posting it. This recipe for Caesar Salad Dressing is amazing. This is the best caesar salad dressing recipe that I have come across! I found this one about two months ago and have made it numerous times. Your best bet is to let it sit out at room temperature for a bit to get it back to the consistency you like. I can’t fathom why people seem to like this recipe so much. Made it perfect tasting. Easy to make and delicious. And invest in good quality Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese ( don’t use shredded in the store cheese), work that muscle. Just got a big thumbs up from the Mrs. ! This dressing turned out really good. Make this all the time and my family and friends love it ! I find that after the Caesar dressing is refrigerated it becomes more think than I would like. I’ve made this twice now. This is the best Caesar dressing. And the whole family agrees. Exactly! I didn’t have anchovies, fresh lemon or Dijon mustard on hand so used regular mustard and bottled lemon juice – it was still much better than store bought. I am a retired chef and I wish I had found this before I retired. It’s the creamy caesar that adds a bold and rich flavor to the salad. excellent, but used half the mayo and added a bit of olive oil and vinegar and omitted the anchovies and paste. I have made it three times now but tonight I used Hellmann’s mayonnaise with olive oil and it was even better! I thought I’d find a favorite Caesar salad recipe from them. I will NEVER buy Caesar dressing again!!! Yours is perfect and saved my Caesar salad habit. I WOULD RECOMMEND VERY LITTLE OR NO SALT AT ALL UNTIL AFTER YOU COMBINE EVERYTHING. If you want to use olive oil, I’d suggest a caesar dressing that’s intended for that – sorry! What happens if you dont use anchovy paste? It’s wonderful and making my own croutons makes it even better! My husband was dipping things in it before I could even get it on the salad. I make it regularly and my whole family loves it. So easy to make! It hits all my main requirements: easy (less than 5 ingredients), fast (about 30 minutes to make), and delicious (MELT in your mouth chicken)!The Caesar dressing sauce that covers this Creamy Caesar Chicken bake is SO amazing, and it’s perfect for eating on other things too. Waste of money. Love it, I use canned ansjo-fillets and mush them up with a fork and a bit of oil. Absolutely one of the easiest and best tasting caesar dressings that I’ve had the good fortune in finding. But this dressing was incredible. This is hands down my favorite recipe I’ve found on the internet. I can’t wait to try with fresh. Followed directions exactly as written, just adding all the lemon juice, probably closer to 3 tbsp. Thanks! I ended up thinning it with a very small amount of milk to make it creamier. Bravo. My 4 yo twins gobbled it up and wanted to dip anything and everything in it. would that have made a difference in how tart the dressing came out? I love the consistency, and the flavor is out of this world!! we really like garlic so I used 6 cloves for a double batch! Sandra. Since I stumbled on it I think I have made it 4 or 5 times in the past few weeks. Really simple but awesomely tasty. It’s not that Im a bad cook, but it was getting boring around here. Okay. Thanks for sharing. Either way, I think it’s a winner. Anchovies paste not available in our small town. I have to say I am an avid home cook, I generally don’t use recipes because I have spent my life cooking but I want to say I found your website looking for homemade buttermilk ranch. I made it with Blackened Halibut and Grilled Romain. reviews (0) 0%. Wow! This recipe is delicious. a total waste of otherwise good ingredients. A Caesar salad with sliced grilled chicken was on her list. Hi Barb, The dressing is a little on the thicker side. I use Thai fish sauce, maybe a teaspoon or two, and it is magnificent. It’s now become an every other week thing for the wife and I. I always meant to make this dressing and glad I finally did! It was delicious. I love Ceasar salads and will use this to make my own instead of those partially browned, romaine, bag versions! I make “real” dressing all of the time. Havent tried this yet. I know there are sites out there that allow you to plug in ingredients for nutritional data. Best Caesar Chicken Recipe. I have not found a store-bought caesar dressing that even comes close… and it’s so easy! What do you recommend? Hope I have enough cause I can’t stop eating it. I made this one day ahead and it’s better as it sits. The person is being a elitist snob. Easy and delicious! It is creamy, it is flavourful, it lasts for ages and it is easy to make. Though their multiple recipes were good, they weren’t quite what I was looking for. If you are like any of the people in my family one of your favorite dressings is creamy Caesar. If I couldn’t find anchovy paste and have a can of anchovies instead, how many anchovies would you say is the equivalent to 1/4 teaspon of paste? This dressing is better than any that I have ever bought!! I use the same quality ingredients recommended in the recipe. Smooth, tangy, and speaking its own love language of Parmesan, black pepper, and garlic, Creamy Caesar Dressing simply cannot be beaten. Excellent! Hi Brianna, It keeps well for about 5 days. I can’t wait to try it with the proper ingredients!! My friends and family can’t get enough! Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I mince the garlic and mix everything else in the food processor so it’s really simple and easy. Reg. I just chop them up and add them instead of the paste. My husband asked for a homemade Caesar salad and this was so easy. Nobody ever says salmon fish or halibut fish, it has become a bad habit that people never think about. Rach makes a caesar dressing that's just as good as the classic, but without the raw egg. All the different flavors hit just the right notes. Thanks so much for the recipe! Excellent!!! I don’t change or modify a single thing. Mmmm such an amazing rich flavour and veryyy easy. Thanks! I couldn’t find any Parmigiano-Reggiano locally (I live in Asia). I highly recommend it. Now that I know how easy it is to make, I will never purchase store bought dressing again. So if I can’t make the dressing we don’t eat it! Everyone loved it. I have been wanting to make a good homemade caesar dressing for a while, but doubted it would ever taste good.. Love the fact that there is no raw egg and all the ingredients are already on hand. Highly recommend it. Made without mustard (as I have a friend who’s allergic to it) and it still is delicious. Perfect! That’s just my taste. No blender or food processor. Everyone I have made this for has absolutely loved it!! Thank you, Yolanda. I’ll let you know what i think. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go face to face with anchovy chunks. The good reviews have given me great confidence. I would thin it with more lemon juice. Enjoy! So glad you enjoyed the dressing! Then the frozen dollops of anchovy paste can be used a teaspoon at a time as needed. I make it at least once a week. It’s the most delicious Caesar salad dressing recipe and I love how easy/quick it is! All of the other ingredients seemed spot on. Thank you for sharing this amazing recipe! The only alteration that I make is to use three large cloves of garlic because I like the pungent flavor. This will be my caesar dressing from now on! Thank you, Jenn! I thought the last Caesar dressing I had was amazing… nope, wrong! I substituted Vegan Grapeseed Veganaisse for Mayo. To Make The Caesar Dressing. Making it again tonight! thanks for the easy recipe:). Recipe calls for 1/2 cup grated parmesean cheese. Place 2 Tbsp mayo, 2 tsp Dijon, 2 pressed garlic cloves, 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp … Don’t skip the paste, as many of us want to do. Since I have been on an elimination diet, I have been making more recipes and needed a good caesar dressing. To keep it from being too creamy, I reduce the mayo to 2/3c and add 1/3c. What an inventive way to make Caesar dressing. I had everything, including the anchovies paste. So happy I found this recipe! I can a can of anchovy filets so I used a mortar and pestle to pound that up with the gloves of garlic. Wow, that’s a lot of dressing! Marzetti® Creamy Caesar Dressing. Made it for a special occasion and everyone complimented how great it was. I’m hoping to be able to do that one day. It is the best dressing ever! I am always asked if I will share my recipe. While continually whisking, add oil to mayonnaise in a thin, steady stream. Thanks so much for posting it! This recipe says it makes 1 1/3 cups of dressing. I also got rave reviews on your coconut macaroons as well! I love that I didn’t have to deal with anchovy fillets and egg yolks with young women (as guests) that may or may not be pregnant. Thank you! I have never made my own dressing before. This will be your go to Caesar salad dressing! Homemade croutons are a must. It’s so easy to make and the flavor is far better than any bottle could pack in.

creamy caesar dressing

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